Thursday, January 10, 2008

I bought the Nike+!

Yesterday I posted that I was looking at the Nike+ device, and asked for opinions on it. Well...I couldn't wait. I bought one yesterday.

The two things that made me interested in it in the first place are: 1) I'm doing a lot of indoor running right now, and my Garmin 305 wouldn't get a signal in the building where I run, and 2) it has a feature where I can upload my runs, keep an online running log, and post it to my blog. I've tried keeping a written running log and...uh...sometimes I kinda forget to write stuff down for, oh, a month or two (OK I'm exaggerating, but not much).

So anyway, I had a work-related dinner last night, and after I left the office I had some time to kill. I drove by a sporting goods superstore and dropped in. They had 'em, they weren't too expensive, so I bought it.

I tested it out tonight. I did a "5 mile run" on the local indoor track. I put 5 mile run in quotes because I know it really wasn't...the device still needs some calibration. It reported I was running an average pace of 8:13/mi., when it was probably a minute or more slower than that. But I set it for a 5 mile run and ran until it told me I was done.

I really like's simple, has good functionality, and integrates well with my iPod (which, as far as I'm concerned, is the 8th wonder of the world!!!). I'm going to read the manual one of these days, but right now I'm learning by doing. Once I get it calibrated, I'll post an update as to how it's working. I'll also put a widget on my blog to display my latest runs...

That's it for get out there and run a few!

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