Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Well...THAT was a long hiatus...

My last blog entry was on May 4th of 2008...I had no idea I wouldn't be back until now.  I've thought about resurrecting TS blog now and again over the last almost 6 years...decided that now is the time to do it. Since my last posting I've completed a marathon (2011 Chicago Marathon), 3 half marathons, and more 5K and 10K races than I can count. 

I changed jobs in 2011 which had a big negative impact on my running. I've gotten back into it slowly, but I really feel like 2014 is my year. 

We also joined a new church in 2011, and this year I am helping get a runners/walkers group started. More about this as it progresses. 

For now, I'm planning on blogging at least twice a week, maybe Wednesdays and Fridays. We'll see how this hoes and who follows me. 

Good running, my friends. More later. 

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