Saturday, March 8, 2008

Training - Week 14

I played hooky most of this week. I woke up Tuesday morning and just could not get myself into running, nor could I get excited about it. I thought back over the past few runs and realized I was in a bit of a rut and needed some extra rest. So that's what I gave myself.

I figure if I could run 18 with no problem, I can run the 20 next week with no problem. That, in turn, means I'm pretty confident in finishing the marathon well.

I only ran 12 miles this week--that was my long run today. I found by the time Friday rolled around I felt very relaxed and rested, and I was really eager to get back into it. My run today was good, so I think that this was just what the doctor ordered.

Hope you guys are running strong this week!


Lelani said...

Playing hooky is good; I played hooky this week because I'm dancing on the edges of the flu (brought home by my husband), and I was afraid to run. My race is tomorrow and I don't want to be sick! Wish me luck!

jtj3 said...

Yeah, that flu has really been bad this year! Hope your race went well, looking forward to your post-race report!