Saturday, March 29, 2008

So when a runner isn't running...

What does he post about? Hm...

Well, random stuff about running from all over the web. How 'bout that?

  • An article from Thursday's New York Times quotes a study from Germany showing that "runners' high" may not be in our heads, after all. How many of us have had a runners' high before...raise your hands...
  • Kerrin Hardy's Running Blog Carnival is a darned nice web site. She scours the web for articles, blog posts, and other interesting bits of stuff and puts them all together in a nice digest. I came to know about this site after she linked to my review of the movie "Spirit Of The Marathon."
  • Speaking of aggregation sites, the Complete Running Network is also a great place to go. You can find fellow runner/bloggers, exchange links, comment on each others' blogs, and help build up the community.
  • I turn to quotes from famous people for inspiration--not only in running, but in my faith, in business, and life in general. There are more "running quotes" pages on Google than you can shake a stick at, but I thought this one was pretty good.
  • I've mentioned the legendary Hal Higdon many times before, but his name (and his site) bear repeating. His site doesn't change a lot, but it's an absolute treasure trove of information and inspiration on running. If you haven't read his book Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide, do so. Even if you've trained for or run a marathon before, you'll pick up something you missed the last time.

That's enough goodness from the web for now...hope you enjoy the links and the stories.

Run well, my friends!


kerrinhardy said...

Hi jtj3

Thanks for the shout-out.

Good to hear you'll be back running soon!


jtj3 said...

Kerrin you're quite welcome--and I'll be back to your running carnival often!