Monday, March 24, 2008

Podcasts I like, Part 1

I've mentioned a couple times that I wanted to put together a post on some podcasts I like and listen to on a regular basis. I figured this would be a good time to do so.

I mostly listen to running-related podcasts at this point, and I'm really seeking out the ones that educate me, that inspire me, or those from people that I feel like I've connected with in some way. Here are some of each...

Before I start on the list, you should know that all of these podcasts listed below are available from iTunes. I've also linked to the web site of each of the podcasts...some have show notes, others have some 'bonus material' as well. All of them give you details on how to subscribe to and/or download their podcasts.

  • Phedippidations. It's the gold-medal standard of running podcasts, and the standard that others aspire to live up to. Steve Runner, the host of "this goofy little podcast" (as he calls it) both educates and inspires. He also spends a good chunk of time at the end of each episode reading stories of ordinary runners just like you and me. Steve's gone from weekly posts to a more irregular schedule, but there's a backlog of 130+ episodes he's recorded that you can download and enjoy.
  • Confessions of A Runner. Jodi, a Mississippi girl who likes running on the beach and eating sushi (although, I guess, not at the same time...) has a great little 'cast that's still somewhat new but has become one of my favorite to listen to on a run. Her episodes seem to fall in the 30-40 minute range, which is perfect for a shorter, mid-week run. I've listened to her since Episode #1 and both the content and quality have improved every episode. I've learned a lot just from listening to her.
  • Another Runner. Adam Tinkoff's podcast is very well-researched and produced. I learn from him, but he also shares enough about his life and his running that it's like having a virtual "running buddy" along with me. I've just started listening recently, but I've gotten hooked!
  • The Extra Mile. Nigel, from Staffordshire in the UK, has a great podcast with stories about, and letters from, ordinary runners from around the world. He's got a call-in "comment line" listed on his site, and quite often drops in audio clips from other runners. It's another one of those 'casts where I feel like I'm with a virtual running partner. Nigel, by the way, is one of the organizers (along with Steve Runner) of the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon and Kick The Couch 5K.
  • Running Ramblings. New podcaster Martin says that the concept to his podcast is simple..."I run and start talking about whatever enters my mind." With 6 episodes under his belt, he's doing well and keeping me entertained so far! I'm coming back for more.
  • 4 Feet Running. Nik and Dan are very laid back, very open, and very funny--again, along the lines of a "virtual running partner" 'cast. As they say on their site, they " about their training, play some music, and have a few laughs." One nit, though--I wish they'd ease up on the swears a bit. They bleep them out (most, anyway), but still...

That's a good list--at least enough to get you started. I'd only ask one thing--if you start listening to any of these podcasts, drop the 'caster a note telling them you listen, and that you appreciate them. One of the 'casts I listened to (maybe an episode of Confessions, but I'm not sure) said that comments are like coffee for a podcaster--they pump you up and keep you going. Most, if not all, of these folks give of their time and of themselves to put together a podcast for no reason other than sharing with fellow runners. So let 'em know that you listen and enjoy.

This is fun...and I already see a "Part 2" in the works sometime in the future.

Now, folks, it's your turn--what do YOU listen to?


Rick said...

I listen to an am/fm $9.95 GPX radio from Kmart, usually classic rock, 94.5 WXKR out of Toledo. Sometimes it even comes in in stereo! Bonus!

I don't even know what a podcast is. I was thinking it was a fishing lure or something of the sort. :)

jtj3 said...

Hey Rick, whatever you (and others) listen to or don't listen to is great! Everyone has to move to the beat of their own drummer. Figuratively and literally...

kerrinhardy said...

Hi jtj3

I love hearing about new podcasts. Even though it's good to have some mind numbing doosh doosh music some days, it's great when you can find really engaging podcasts to occupy your mind too.

Thank you for submitting your post for the Running #2008-10 edition.


jtj3 said...

Kerrin I know what you mean--the "doosh doosh" music is good (side question--I've heard the Aussie slang 'doof music', is that the same thing?), I like to have my mind engaged! Thanks for including my post in your blog carnival!