Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Resting, redux

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about the virtues of resting...looks like it's time for me to listen to my body, again.

My work/travel schedule has been very busy over these past few weeks--I was on the road 3 weeks last month, and I'm on the road this week and next as well.

Sunday was a great long run, an 18 miler. I enjoyed sleeping late Monday, then attempted to get up at 5AM yesterday for a run. I stood in the bathroom preparing to get geared up, and decided after about 90 seconds I just couldn't do it. I crawled back into bed and slept another 2 hours, waking up sans benefit of the alarm clock at a little after 7AM.

My plan is to just not run this week until my long run (dropback week, 14 miles) on Sunday. I'm going to enjoy playing hooky.

I've visited a few blogs here and there this morning, and it seems like several of us are struggling with the whole "I don't feel like running" thing recently. Hey, it happens. As I told someone in a comment on their blog, give yourself some grace. Your body is usually talking to you, so listen to it!

I've taken advantage of time on planes and in airports to check out various running/marathoning podcasts. I'm getting on a plane in about an hour, and am going to write a longer post with pointers to some podcasts I enjoy. Look for that soon.

In the mean time, hope you're having a good week of running...


Rick said...

"In the mean time, hope you're having a good week of running..."

...or not as it may be, eh.

I love your relaxed attitude about your running, Jim. I wish I were as relaxed about missing days on the pavement. I know I need to be careful though and I really want to get through this race in April because I have invested so much time and so many miles into it now... like 700 miles!

I can't believe how well you train with all your travel dude! That's so awesome.

jtj3 said...

Hey Rick...

There's such a thing as being too relaxed. I was way too relaxed last year and went into the Chicago Marathon under-trained.

I'm a goal-oriented person and I truly wanted to finish this training with 100% of the miles logged, but my body just wasn't having any of it this week. Oh well, c'est la vie...