Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rest - it does a body good...

Maybe God was telling me something? "Rest," I think he was saying...

I've been feeling generally icky since about Monday. I had a dropback run on Sunday, only 6 miles ("only"? I still remember my first 10K race where I was scared to death I wouldn't make it all the how things have changed...). My friend Mark and I were kind of pushing each other, and I ended up running it way faster than my anticipated marathon pace--about 60-90 seconds per mile faster.

So when I woke up feeling sore and tired Monday, I figured it was a bit of overtraining. I ran Wednesday and tried doing a 6-miler this morning. 3 miles into it, I just crashed. Like I had zero energy.

You should know, as background, that I've got a chronic infection that pops up every once in a while. It's not obvious when it hits--I have to start thinking back, adding things up, and then I say "Ah, so that must be why I'm feeling this way..."

I went to the doctor today and, you guessed it, it's back. So I'm taking a "sick day" from my training today and maybe tomorrow. Sunday is 12 miles, but I know from previous experience with this infection I'll be alright by the time Sunday rolls around.

The moral of the story? Rest more, drink more fluids, and listen to what my body is trying to tell me!!!

I'm a little mad that I didn't finish the run today and that I may not run tomorrow--these will be the first two runs I've missed in my training so far. Then again, I'd rather be resting now than ignore my body and just make it worse...

So, that's it for me today--I'm off to bed. But do me a favor--get out there and run a few! (C;


Tim Wilson said...


I know how you feel, I get upset when I can't run as well. Sometimes I get a really unhealthy upset over it. :)

Take it easy for a couple days and I will run for you. :)

Jim said...

Tim I know how you feel. In a weird way, the fact that I had to go to the doctor and the fact that I have...well, something requiring antibiotics...made the shortened run "not my fault."

You running for! I'll totally return the favor, Tim! :-D


Jodi said...

rest, that's also been the theme of my week. part of last week and this whole week (in between my 1/2mara.) I've been in the ship yard crawlin around this ship, and I'm tired! I wanted to run 6 on Wed. and got 2 in. Oh well, even our ipods dont run forever without being recharged either.

Jim said...

Hey Jodi, especially after your HM, you need lots and lots of rest! I'm impressed you got in 2 miles!

By the way--I'm adding your blog and podcast to my blogroll. They're both excellent!