Thursday, February 7, 2008

Training - Week 8

I am muy, muy behind in my posting (side note, one of my quirks is inserting the few Spanish words I know into my sentences) the extent that I'm posting my regular Sunday training report on Thursday. Schwoops...

But here 'tis. Last week was good, and was a drop-back week. Hey, so yet another side note--I Googled "drop back week" to find a good definition, because I was going to make that term from the previous sentence into a hyperlink. Imagine my surprise when this post from this very blog came up as number 4 in the search results! Yay me!!!

Anyway, it was more indoor running as it was too stinkin' cold to run outside. The week looked like this:

Tuesday - 3 miles
Thursday - 7 miles
Saturday - 3 miles
Sunday - 10 miles

Yeah, I know I should give myself a rest day before the long run but since it was a drop back week, I figured it was OK. I ran the 10 at a sub-10:00 pace--about 9:47. I didn't keep track of the exact time, and I'll have to check my Nike+ account to see what it actually was. But whatever it was, it was darned fast!

I've been in California all week for work meetings, so I've been able to take advantage of running outside. It's cold here, just above freezing, but still manageable when you run with about 4 shirts, a pair of long pants, and gloves. As a bonus I get to run right next to a beach, and I can see the sun coming up about midway through the run. It's nice.

That's all for now, and I hope to be more regular with blogging again soon...


Tim Wilson said...

Great job!

I bet that running next to the beach could get addicting!

Michelle said...

Jim, thanks for the podcast suggestion. There are so many to choose from... do you have any recommendations??

Jim said...

Tim thanks! And yes, you're right that it gets very addicting! Very peaceful and calm.

Michelle, my favorite running podcast is can find it on iTunes or on the web here. You could also try Jodi's cool podcast, Confessions of a Runner. I'm planning on a post about podcasts in the future so look for that, too!