Sunday, February 17, 2008

The joys of procrastination...

I've been a procrastinator my whole life...but it's good to know that sometimes it's not a bad thing.

Today is my usual long run day. However, yesterday I spent the whole day walking around the Chicago Auto Show, and my feet and legs were tired. Add to that the fact that I wanted some quality time with my wife that wasn't impacted by gearing up for, or recovering from, a long run. I mean, come on people--it's the weekend after Valentine's Day... (C:

Our company has tomorrow off to observe President's Day. So we talked about it this morning, and, instead of getting my 16-mile schedule run in today I'm postponing it until tomorrow. That'll mean the rest of my schedule gets moved back a day, but it's cool. I can deal.

What I learned this weekend--running is my obsession and my joy, but I need to balance it against the rest of my life. So I postpone a long run...or even if I would have missed's ultimately not as important as my relationships, time for me, time for resting, etc.

So look at what you're doing and decide: are my priorities in the right order? Mine least for the remainder of today.


Tim Wilson said...

Good Decision Jim! Not always an easy one, but a good one..... when we make the right choice!

Mark said...

Hey Jim,

I tried to run the 16 mile leg on Wednesday night. My feet were very sore from the start and my legs were aching from my Tuesday workout with the trainer. I did however, manage to get 14 miles done. If you were there with me I could have been pushed for two more but my mind caved in. So on Thursday my body was saying to me "are you crazy" and my marathon hopes were fading. But after sitting in a car for two days of travel I have recovered and am actually looking forward to the next run. What a difference a day makes.

See you tonight or if not, see you this weekend- good running, Mark

Rick said...

I've always wanted to be a procrastinator... I've just been waiting for the right time to become one. :-D

Flexibility is a good thing and, relecting on priorities. Helps to keep that balance in the proper order. Nicely done and, good luck with the run today. I pray it goes well.

Rick said...

errr... *reflecting*, not relecting

ps - I linked your blog on mine, Jim. Hope you don't mind.

Jim said...

Tim thanks for the kind words...and yesterday I got reinforcement that I had, indeed, made a good decision to postpone.

Mark sorry your 16 didn't go so well...sometimes I think we push each other too hard! My 16 today was good, but I also gave myself a lot of stop breaks. We can compare notes tonight.

Rick LOL you're funny! No time like the present to become a procrastinator, but then again that'd mean you weren't procrastinating, so...

RE: linking blogs--I'm honored to be added to your blogroll, and I've added you to mine. Love the new pic of Cassy on your blog--she's a pretty girl!