Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I did it! I'm in!!!

Well...I finally went and done it. As of yesterday, I am an official registrant for the 2008 Chicago Marathon.

I wrote a post on Feb 1 about the fact that registration had opened up. Due to some travel, and a couple outstanding bills I wanted to get out of the way, I waited to register until now. Call it an early Valentine's Day present, but I'm in. Finally.

I'd feel much better about my readiness for Chicago if I already had the St. Louis Marathon under my belt, but it is what it is. I can tell you I feel stronger in my training, healthier in my body, and more focused in my mind than I ever have before.

So, I finish St. Louis, take a break for about 4 weeks, then start the training cycle all over again for Chicago.

Can't hardly wait...


Tim Wilson said...

Way to go! I can tell you are excited. You will have an awesome time!

I would love to do the Chicago too, but kinda a far drive.... maybe one of these days!

Jim said...

Thanks Tim, and yeah I'm totally excited! I'm sure I will be posting about training come this summer.

You should really consider the drive up, and make a weekend out of it!


Sara said...

Hi Jim! Thanks for visiting my blog and the comments. I wish you could have arranged for me to have some warmer Chicago weather this weekend, but I won't hold it against you!

I'm adding you to my list of running blogs I frequent. I love keeping up with everyone's training!

Congrats on signing up for Chicago. I wanted to make sure I made it through my first marathon before I signed up for the next one. Although now I think it's the time committment to train for the marathon that is harder than the actual race. I'm not sure I can do it again without getting fired!

Good luck and I look forward to reading about your training!


Jim said...

Hey Sara...if you need good weather before your next trip to Chicago give me 48 hrs notice, and a check for $500... (C:

I added you to my blog roll also. I'm training for STL just as you are, so who knows...I may see you there since it's a small field!

Oh, and regarding the commitment to training...so I'm following Hal Higdon's Novice program. If I run every single mile, and add the 26.2 for the actual marathon, I will have run almost 18 marathons. YIKES...

Thanks for stopping by...come back often, and I'll do the same on yours!


Rick said...

How exciting. Chicago would be a blast to run someday. Especially after seeing Spirit of the Marathon.

Jim said...

Rick Chicago has a great course and (apart from last year) is generally very well organized. Last year was an anomaly because of weather, etc., but I expect this year to be better.

RE: Spirit of The Marathon--oh man, that movie got me so pumped up! I really liked it...I understand it's coming back for an encore next week!