Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brain and body having an argument...

Ever have a morning like this, where your brain and your body can't agree on whether to run? Yes, I know that the brain controls it all, but...go with me here, folks.

Act 1, Scene 1
Place: my cozy warm bed
Time: 5AM

Alarm: "...and it's a chilly 10 degrees out at 5AM..."

Brain: "Whoohoo! We get to head out for another run. Sunday's pace was 9:22/mi, and with today's distance we can target a pace of..."

Body: "SHUT UP."

Body hits snooze button

Brain: "But...but...you hit the snooze! That will set us back 9 minutes, which--adding up a 30 minute run, 10 minutes for breakfast, and 15 minutes for a shower, gives us an at-work ETA of...


Act 1, Scene 2
9 minutes later...

Brain: "Dude, let's go!!!"

Body: "Alright, but would you SHUT IT for like 10 minutes???"

Brain: "This will be fun...trust me."

Body: "Coffee. Give me coffee NOW, and no one gets hurt."

Act 1, Scene 3
Place: Indoor track
Time: 35 minutes later...

Brain: "See, wasn't that fun?"

Body (reluctantly): "Yeah, OK, I guess so, maybe..."

Brain: "So tomorrow, we can..."

Body: "Don't push it...."


Ever feel like that?


La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Dahahahahaha! This happens to me ALL the time! hahahahah

Jim said...

Yeah, unfortunately my body won this morning, not my brain... )C;


Lelani said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comments on the shoes. I promise not to be too cheap. Guess I'll shake my husband down for a few extra coins, which won't be too hard since he always tells me to get good shoes. It's just that ,heretofore, I've never taken shoes seriously. I enjoyed tripping around your several blogs...(hope your kitty recovers quickly) and will mark you running one among my favs.

Jim said...

Hey, Lelani, good for you on the "good shoes" decision--you won't regret it. And I'll add you to my blog list also! Oh, and my kitty is just fine, thanks for askin'. (C;


Tim Wilson said...

Hey Jim,

I had one of those moments this morning, and actually wrote about it on my blog this morning. My mind won out and I went for my 10k run in the sleet and rain!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and listing my blog link on your page. I will do the same for you over the next day or two when I get a chance to decide how and where I am going to list other blog links.

I like your more link on your posts, I was just thinking the other day on how or if I would go about doing that. Does it show up fine in your feed?

Thanks again for stopping by and adding me!


Jim said...

Hey Tim:

Yeah it seems like we all get tripped up now and again with that "I don't want to get out of bed!!!" feeling.

RE: the "read more" link thing--send me an email offline, I'll show you where I got it. One of the comments on this post is from Sue, a blogger pal who writes at La Chanson de Phoenix, and she showed me where to grab the hack. (C:


Tim Wilson said...

Thanks Jim!

Did you get my e-mail? I just wanted to make sure it didn't go into the spam.