Monday, April 28, 2008

Race report

It was hectic around the jtj3's household this weekend, and now I'm on travel for the rest of this week. However, I felt darned good about my race this weekend, so I thought I'd post a report...

This Saturday I ran the 4th annual Kingdom 5K Run. It's a great race, and the church that sponsors it has many great ministries to the community. Proceeds from the race benefit a ministry that plants new churches all across the country, and they're wildly successful at doing so.

Anyway, back to the race...since it was my first race this year, I was just hoping for a good finish. The conditions weren't great--cold and windy. I picked up my packet about an hour before the race started, and ended up driving back home to get an extra layer of clothes.

Now, for the good news--I finished in 27:47.9, for an average pace of 8:58. That's only about a minute off my 5K PR. I was really surprised I did that well. I didn't really check my pace during the race, but just let my body go at whatever speed it wanted to.

A special "thank you!" goes out to Community Christian Church for putting on a great race. In spit of the wind and cold, they had people stationed every quarter mile or so cheering you on, making sure you stayed on course, and holding up signs with encouraging words. From the first racers to the last, they cheered enthusiastically and made you feel like an Olympic star.

That's it for this time, folks--until next time, run strong!


Rick said...

Fantastic, Jim! Great to see a race report for you and good job on the race. Only a minute off your PR is awesome considering you didn't have a lot of miles in prior to the race.

Have a great week my friend!

Running Jayhawk said...

Great job on the race, Jim!

jtj3 said...

Rick thanks for the kind words! I felt good and I finished--so to me, that was the main thing!

Barb, thanks for the words of encouragement! I appreciate it...

Alysia said...

Congratulations on your first race..
Amazing you finished it in 27:47.9..Cool. My first race was not that good..
--Life is a constant change.
brooks beast

scarlet said...

That was a great race huh! Keep it up and more power to you! ~ chaco sandals ~