Friday, February 22, 2008

I am SO done with winter...

OK, time for winter to be over now. Great to see you, it was fun, here's your hat and coat what's your hurry...BUH-bye now.

Or, is it just me that feels this way?

What kicked this off was watching part of the Today show this morning. They're broadcasting from Miami Beach, FL today, where it's in the 80s. Oh and it was sunny, too.

Don't get me wrong...I enjoy winter, most of the time. But this one has been unusually cold and snowy, and (to get the post back to running,), it makes it next to impossible to run outside. It's typically not light enough to run safely until about 6:30 or 7:00AM, which is too late for me to get out given the length of my mid-week runs now.

As I've mentioned before, the indoor track is an absolute Godsend. One of the neat things is I can catch the sunrise through the east-facing windows, and I get to watch as the sky lights up gradually. It makes that particular portion of each lap something I really look forward to.

And I had some good runs this week--one 5 miler that I was able to do at a sub-9:30 pace. If I can keep that pace for the Shamrock Shuffle in a few weeks, I'll set a new PR by a couple minutes and will qualify for a faster corral next year.

Tomorrow I'm flying out to California for a week-long work meeting. I'll get to do my Sunday AM long run on a path that runs alongside the San Francisco bay, and I always enjoy the scenery in that area which will be nice.

One last thing...Michelle posted a comment where she asked about what podcasts I listen to. I've been checking out a few running podcasts recently, so look for a post here soon with some reviews/links of what I like and listen to.

Happy running!


Rick said...

I'm with ya brother! I'm ready for winter to be done! I've done all my runs outdoors and am SO ready to run in shorts and a t-shirt again.

Although, this past week, I think 3 of my run days, including today's long run, were actually done in sunshine! That does help. And, the days are getting longer.

Have a good trip/week!

Jim said...

Rick you are a much braver man than I am to run outside in the midwest weather! I'm like you though--very ready to run in shorts and T-shirt again. And ready to run on my favorite paths around my house. Oh well it will come soon enough.

Yes, the sunshine does help--we had sun on Saturday, which definitely lifted my mood!