Sunday, January 27, 2008

Training - Week 7

All in all, a darned good week of training. I'm surprised that, while I've been tired and a bit sore, I'm not anywhere near as hurtin' as I was at this point in my training last year.

The week looked like this:

- Tuesday: 3 miles on the indoor track
- Wednesday: 6 miles on the indoor track
- Saturday: 3 miles on the treadmill
- Sunday: 13.1 miles - a complete half marathon!

A couple things really stood out this week:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, I ran like a machine. Without really trying to, or keeping track, my pace stayed right around 9:30/mile. That's too fast for a marathon, but I was happy to be very consistent in my pace.
  • Wednesday, I ran with no stops apart from quick water breaks. I like the fact that, while I still do run/walking, I'm getting better at going longer distances without stopping.
  • On the treadmill Saturday I started out at 5.5 mph, worked up to 6.5 for the last mile, and did the last half mile at 7.0. Compare this to the same time last year, I topped out at about 4.7 mph. I felt like I owned the treadmill that day!
  • Sunday's run was supposed to be just 13, but I added the extra .1 on to see how I'd do for a complete half. I ran it in 2:14 and change, which is about 9 minutes better than what I ran my first half marathon 2 years ago. And this was a training run, not a race!

All in all, I felt strong, I felt fast, and I didn't feel sore or too tired. Just 11 more weeks from this point. Fortunately, this coming week is a dropback week so it should be only 10 miles. "Only," I say...I can remember when the thought of running 6 scared me!

Have a great week, everyone...


Running Hoosier said...


Sounds as though you had a great week. You had decent mileage topped with some decent paces. It is great when everything falls into place isn't it?


Running Jayhawk said...

Great job this week, Jim!! Imagine how well you do when you go out and race your next half marathon.

I'm with you on the slow poke getting speedier front. When I first started I'd be lucky to consistently run around a 13:30 pace. It's fun to see things come together...

Way to own the treadmill. Keep it up!

Jim said...

Hey Robert, thanks for the comment...and yes, I did have a great week! I feel like my training is coming together quite nicely this time. So much so that I think the marathon will be just another long training run, not an actual race. At least that's what I hope.

Hey Jayhawk, thanks for the compliment! And I'm like you, it's great to see it all come together. It makes me feel good about sticking with it--not giving up because I felt like a slowpoke. I really appreciate the encouragement!